7 Ways to Prove your love to your Wife

Considering the myriad responsibilities women embark on in the home ranging from home keeping to childbearing to running a business or having a career, one can easily forget that women are tender.
Though women are resilient and can multitask, they are not machines. Men are supposed to be a support to women. Ignoring this responsibility can affect your relationship with her.

How can you show care to your wife?

Below is a list of ways a man can support his wife

1. Provide domestic support
Do not leave house chores for your wife alone to do, house chores is not solely the woman’s responsibility. Assisting her once in a while shouldn’t be difficult for you as a man. Most women sees act of service evidenced by helping with house chores as a love language.

2. Give her time and attention
Every woman wants the attention of her man, as a man you should know that having a time out with her goes a long way to making her feel special and valued.

3. Affirm her with your words
Women are designed to respond to words. Wooing your wife should not end after marriage. It is your responsibility to constantly affirm and praise her. You can help your wife get her groove back, build up her self-esteem and confidence by using kind and affectionate words and watch your wife glow and blossom before your eyes.

4. Be tender
Never be aggressive towards your wife and avoid using unkind words on her. Women are like flowers that when you water and take care of them they grow beautiful. Let your words be kind

5. Be trustworthy
Trust gives women a sense of security. A wife becomes unsure of her position in her husband’s life when she loses trust in him. Be reliable and also reciprocate your wife’s trust. Give her reasons to trust you not otherwise

6. Be intimate
Let your conversation with your wife be open, do not hide things from her. Communicate freely and openly with her, be honest. Talking, flirting and sharing gives room for a deeper intimacy with your wife.

7. Maximize the informal moments
The little things count and matter. You don’t have to create complicated moves to make your wife feel special. Make a big deal out of the simple moments you share together. Random activities like an evening stroll, midnight snack together, doing the laundry together or watching your favorite TV show should not be taken for granted.

My goal is to help you achieve marital success & sexual fulfilment in marriage.

Blessings Always!

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