GOLDEN MORN RECIPE: How to make Golden Morn for breakfast


Maize, 4 cups

Soya beans, 1cup

Milk flavor (powdered)

Salt ( 2 pinch)

Sugar (2 teaspoon)


Thoroughly Wash the maize and soya beans separately and dry them very well in sunlight (100% dry).

Fry both maize in low heat to achieve crunchiness ( don’t burn pls) and grind in medium consistency, not powdered form.

Fry soya beans too and dehulled ( crack the back) and grind in not too smooth form.

Mix both grinded maize with soya beans and add few drops of liquid milk flavor( You mix the powdered milk flavour with water), salt and very smooth sugar to coat the soya beans and maize.

Leave outside to dry very well and you bake dry for proper preservation .
Your homemade Golden morn is ready.

Serve with warm water, sweetened milk and sugar.

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