How to Successfully Start Tomato farming

1.seeds selection

Select your seed based on:
-Fruit quality,
-Adaptability and reliability,
-Disease resistance and Torelant
-Plant growth habit
-Market preference and planting time (date of maturity).

Choose the tomato varieties with the qualities that are most important to you.

Hybrid seeds posses the above desirable characteristics.


There are determinate and indeterminate.

-Mostly open field variety
-Grows into shorter,bushy plants with a predetermined growth limit
-Set one good load of fruit,and then they are done.
-Grows in smaller spaces
-They need little sticking and support .
-Their fruit all ripen within a short period of time
-Tend to open more closely together.

-Mostly greenhouse variety
-Keep forming new vibes
-Keep forming new fruit
-Grow larger and have no natural size limit.
-Needs staking or trellising to support them but and maximize their potential.


Good soil should be well fertile,well drained and moisture retentive soils.
PH between 6.2 -6.8 are ideal for tomato.

Check your soil by getting a proper soil test and have the results with recommendation.

5. Transplanting.

Transplant seedlings when 4-5weeks old and have 4-5 true leaves.
Maintain a proper spacing of 45cm – 60 cm.

For more information on:

6.Trellising and Crop support
7.Fertilisation/Fertilizer application
9.Pest, diseases and disorders.
10.Harvesting and marketing.

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