Reasons why you must Post your Business on social media

Was in talks with a friend when he told me that the organization he works with (UNICEF) is looking for someone who is very good with yogurt-making.

i remembered two ladies who some time ago advertised they make yogurt. I sent both messages and she responded. We talked about the terms and i linked her up with the facilitator.

So, it happened that the organization was planning a premium conference for their key partners who have sponsored their projects with gigs worth millions and they added “Homemade yogurt making and its health benefits” as a bonus.

She went there, over-delivered, got paid, and even got tipped. Holy-wow 🤛… She even got a steady job with them. It’s good to be very skillful at what you do.

I’m so so happy for her. She made my day with such an exciting news rn

I am this person who would mention your name in a room filled with opportunities if i know that’s what you are good at and it’s fulfilling when the people i recommend make me proud with their delivery. Nothing beats that.

I’m not about to relent. Nah!

Be the best at what you do, so that when an opportunity comes you can seize and maximize it.

Don’t let opportunity meet you unprepared and once in a while, post what you do online. You never can tell who is watching.(I don’t know her personally but got to her because i’ve seen her ads before).

Get started with your own visibility-steps. Nobody will recommend you if they aren’t sure what you’re good at.

Congratulations, girl!

Super duper happy for you 👏👏.

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