Why do we Boil fruits before using it for baking?

Let’s hear your reasons…

Reason No. 1

* To make the fruits soft
*to make the fruits to stay long so that it will not spoil ( preservative) fruits should be soaked in brandy for a period of time
If fruit is not soaked?
* The fruit will settle in the bottom of your mixture
* the fruit will be hard and get spoiled on time


* Brandy: there are various brandy that can be used but preferable types are 501,squadron,merit brandy etc.they are put or added to the cake mixture before baking in the oven and also used to spray the cake.
* Gold blend: its like a food grape preservative used to determine longtime of preservation of your cake and other snacks.
Pls what’s your opinion on this ,let’s educate ourselves more.

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